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We are focused on developing highly-personalized shopping experiences thanks to our unique selling assistant powered by AI

Our product

Levia’s smart selling assistant has super powers.

In function of the customer journey Levia’s smart selling assistant adapts to the customer journey. Through an intuitive conversational user experience using AI and dynamic quick replies, Levia’s smart selling assistant can drive the user in a fast conversion funnel.

  • Multi-lingual
  • 24/7
  • Conceived with your best salesmen, AI trained every day by a human coach and fed with proprietary data based on millions of conversations from thousands of brands

  • Designed to search among millions of products within seconds
  • Recommend the most relevant products to each customer while promoting upselling and cross-selling
  • Argue the sale & get rid of shopping axiety
  • 100 % available for millions of on-going conversations
  • Can be trained on after-sale questions & customer care
  • Smart retargeting function of customer habits & preferences

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Our product

Levia’s smart selling assistant
can be deployed on
every touchpoints.

Diffuse your products & propose a smart selling assistant across all channels.

Sell and assist wherever your customers are.

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Our strengths

Levia’s Smart selling Assistant Conversational
search among millions of products or brands

Our AI smart selling assistant is designed to help your customers find the exact product they are looking for, just as they would ask for it in a shop.

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Traditional search with
individual keywords


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A conversational search
that returns a human-like response


How does it works ?

Levia’s Conversational CRM

Allowing brands to have one to one personalized conversations with their customers using a mix of messaging & AI

Our strengths

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Impersonal & non interactive content
Lost in the mailbox with Spam

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A new communication channel : spam free, interactive, personalized - Directly where customers spend most of their free time

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Our technology

Vertical A.I. trained 

Our technology is available to match any kind of product feed. Our data set are designed and conceived for various industry and match random type of customer questions to automatize the comprehension of the question and provide an appropriate answer in less than a few second.

Fashion & Accessories

+ 1000 vertical fashion & accessories entities -- Thousands of pre-trained sentences
Answer in less than 3 sec question like "Do you have a black leather jacket looking like a perfecto in size 36 or 38 depending on your sizing for less than 300 $? "


+ 300 vertical cosmetic entities -- Thousands of pre-trained sentences
Answer in less than 3 sec question like "What do you recommand me for suncream for a 2 years old child to go skiing ? "

Home & Design

+ 1000 vertical home & design entities -- Thousands of pre-trained sentences
Answer in less than 3 sec question like "I'm looking for a light grey sofa maximum 2 m lenght and not too expensive for my holiday house "

Wine & Food

Trained to match with thousands of domains, appellations and meals requests.
Answer in less than 3 sec question like " Do you have in stock a Bourgogne red wine that will go perfectly with lasagna ? ".

So, what next ?

Our technology

Personalized product recommandation.

Our mission is to help customers find relevant products effectively.

Once the product request is understood and has been clearly set, we will feature  5 to 10 results that match the product search based an external API recommandations or based on our own merchandising rules.

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